4 comments on “PvP in New Eden, the newbie killer without actual PvP

  1. Faction warfare will probably be about the best place for you to start IMHO. It does not require joining a corp immediately, yet will introduce you to other players. Also, the ISK making in FW is significantly beyond what you can do grinding level 1 missions.

    • The easiest way is to do novice and small plexes. Basically show up in a contested system, look for novice and small plexes on the overview or with the scanner, warp to them, go through the acceleration gate and wait for the timer to count down. Usually about 10minutes. When this is done you get lp which you can exchange for stuff in the lp store and then sell the stuff for isk. Not as hard as it sounds. Should be able to make 20 to 100 million isk/hour with your skills and a frigate. Contact me ingame and i can give you a hand. My character name is ‘toterra the second’.

  2. Ok that sounds pretty straight forward.
    I did some level 2 agent missions yesterday (for the first time), and damn some of those missions sure do spawn a lot of enemy ships on your behind.

    I refitted my Destroyer with nothing but rail guns, and suddenly everything went a lot easier 🙂 Killing things from 20km when they can’t hit you back seems to work like magic.

    Thanks for the offer, I’ll add you this evening, and maybe catch you online. Going to read up a bit on FW then, so I know what to expect a bit.

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