2 comments on “Enter the boredom in New Eden

  1. Hi and welcome to EvE. Sounds like you need a true pirate corp. Check forum recruitment threads for a nice pirate corp. Check their killboard and activity. There are plenty nice pirate corps that don’t require any “mandatory” stuff. It might be a bit difficult to sustain yourself with -10 status which you will eventually reach and I even recommend to embrace it, but you will need corps support in the beginning.

    With lowsec, unless its FW area and/or some other popular places it can be difficult to get frigate fights due to gate guns. But as I said, a lot depends on area you are in and also the corp. Eve is a great game and as you said yourself, last 2 hours you had is where the game shines.

    Feel free to contact me in game and I can give you some pointers.

  2. Thanks for dropping by on my blog.

    You are right about the pirate corp. It definately sounds like a lot of fun. I’ll do updates on my blog about my search.

    I’ve been lucky to meet another established blogger out there who is kind enough to show me about FW and plexes. Sounds like fun and a nice way to earn some starter ISK it seems. I just can’t stand doing missions anymore.

    I’ll add you this evening as a contact if that’s ok for you?

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