4 comments on “It finally happened

  1. You died to gate guns. That’s what I meant by aggro on gates/stations. You need tanky ship, like cruiser and up to withstand some time. You can only engage and not get targeted by guns are the guys below -5 and/or who are suspects, free game anywhere.

  2. That’s the weird part. I was in a low sec system, believe it was 0.3 or 0.4.

    We were sitting right next to a station though…


    I just read up a bit on how it works:


    So I’m guessing I got popped by a sentry gun near the station for being criminal flagged.

    Funny, here I was thinking low-sec was an almost lawless place of doom and mayhem, didn’t think about sentry guns at all near stations. That explains why I dies so incredibly fast.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Yeah, it’s law less, but the station managers/gate personel isn’t too keen on people fighting unsanctioned right next to their work so they have a tendency to shoot them. That’s one of the major differences between low and null.
    Low: sec status hits for unlawful aggro and sentry guns when aggressing on stations/gates
    Null: kill erryting. No guns will shoot you (except POS) but beware of dying in a bubble. (because you’ll be podded almost every time)


    Ps. Welcome to eve! Hope you’ll enjoy your stay

  4. Thanks for the comment and the welcome 🙂

    Ah, the gate bubbles … thanks for reminding me. Although I will probably forget anyway the first time I enter null-sec.

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