12 comments on “And another ship bites the dust

  1. A coupe of things… 1. Sentry guns can be tanked by cruiser and larger ships. His T3 had no problem tanking the gate guns. 2. Warping to a station does not always put you in docking radius. Sometimes you still have a few hundred meters to go and he was able to lock you and blow you away. 3. Your tank is terrible. Use a damage control instead of two 100mm plates. It will get you more. Go download the Eve Fitting Tool (EFT) and play around with your fit to maximize tank. But yeah, you have to chance against that enemy. Also, probably better to use blasters for short range higher damage. Especially since you can’t possibly kite with your fit.

    • Thanks for the advice.
      1- I thought sentry guns were deadly to everyone, as a real don’t mess with em kinda thing.

      2 – Yep, warping right to the station was a screw up from me, was getting a bit cocky and impatient I guess.

      3 – Yeah I figured my fitting skills were severely lacking πŸ™‚

      • Sentry guns in low-sec are different from concord in hi-sec. If you commit an illegal act in hi-sec, you will die in a matter of seconds no matter how strong your tank is.

  2. Also, gate and station guns don’t shoot at criminals in lowsec unless they do something – the guns aren’t actively agressive unless you’re in highsec.

    So, he only has to tank you for about… well, one or two volleys before you die. It’s going to take the station guns that long to lock him and start shooting, he can probably tank them for a long time anyway, but there’s a good chance he can simply warp off before they even shoot him.
    When he warps back to the station, they’ve forgotten what he did, so he’s fine again.

    Odds are, he was sitting on that station specifically because he knows that the docking range is screwed up and that people will warp in and be unable to dock when they land – that’s what he’s counting on, especially (since that’s faction warfare space) frigates and destroyers, the most common pvp ships located in that area.

    I think it’s admirable that you’re banging around lowsec and trying stuff out, but doing so without understanding any of the mechanics is clearly frustrating you somewhat and leaving you shaking your head and shrugging.

    If you decide to stick with the game, I sincerely suggest getting into:

    Red vs. Blue (hands out free frigates for new pilots)
    Faction Warfare, any side (SO easy to make enough money to keep you in frigates forever)
    Brave Newbies (pretty sure they have a ship distribution program as well)

    Any one of those groups will help you start to understand what’s going on with gate gun and security mechanics and (not for nothing) often means you won’t have to fly alone unless you want to (especially in RvB or BNI).

    I get that you didn’t want to get into those groups until you know if you’re staying with the game, but I really can’t emphasize how much it will change your game experience to be in a channel with people who have dealt with what you’re dealing with and remember how confusing it is… and have voice comms to explain it more quickly and create a social environment.

    Fly crazy.

    • That’s where I also screwed up. When I saw the red in overview I thought I’d have sentry backup. I didn’t know the sentries did a reset so fast. That is good to know.

      Yeah it is frustrating a bit.
      I’m afraid you’re right about the corporation thing. Best for me to start in a corporation and get the hang of things, and eventually when I learn the ropes and still have the desire to go ninja on my own to then make the decision to go solo.

      Thanks for the advice!

  3. You need to learn a thing or two about fittings. Search battleclinic for various fits of your ship you fly. You would be surprised when you’ll learn, that even a frigate can kill a t3. I would advise you to fly frigates more than destroyers. And forget about lvl5 skills. All you need are lvel 4s with only selected few at lvl5. Your piloting skills is what matters.

    And lastly, being a pirate in low sec is not for newbies. Especially if you plan to play it solo. You need to be self sustainable and actually to be able to fly tank ships with an alt at the very least. The only way you are most likely to get good fights in low sec is faction warfare. Try it. It’s better isk than missions and people usually fly frigates. Perfect place for you to get your feets wet. That or join Brave Newbies inc. in nullsec. I don’t think it’s mandatory to be there on coms all the time, but I hear people have a ton of fun. Join and just listen for FC commands, no need to talk. And there are no gate/station guns either.

    If you keep insisting on solo pvp without any knowledge in low sec you are gonna have a bad time.

    • Good advice. I’m going to browse some fittings on BC and make a selection. Maybe then I’ll understand better.

      Yeah, you’re right about the pirate thing not being for newbies. I’m realizing that now. Kinda sad though.

      Brave Newbies seems weird to me. They are a big bunch, all cuddled up in their star system defending and attacking surrounding systems. Aren’t you kinda isolated that way as a player?

      RvB hmm … aren’t they currently in an alliance with Goonswarm against the Lemmings or something. Seems like a weird move from RvB if you ask me. Why would they ally against another alliance? Isn’t the intent of RvB to have a closed ecosystem of PVP?

      Yes, correct. Going solo atm seems like a gamekiller for me. Thanks for the advice!

  4. Hey Beetle – I’ve read your last few blog posts, it is a struggle to pick up low-sec mechanics all on your own.

    You can however join a corp and still fly solo!


    My current play schedule dictated that I couldnt be on comms and would often need to go afk etc – not ideal for most corps. Stay Frosty however has none of these requirements, you can fly however you like, and get the benefit of a corp chat (or comms) with a wide spectrum of eve players from new to bitter vets

    • SF sounds nice, thanks πŸ™‚

      I’ll drop in on the corp channel this evening, see what SF is all about. I like the small roams and gangs they talk about. Maybe the place I could enjoy… thanks again!

  5. Same goes for us The Bastards. We have a training corp, Meatshield Bastards, that takes in newer or inexperienced pilots and helps them learn the ways of low-sec, pvp, and piracy. Recruitment is on hold for a few weeks while we train up the latest group of pilots, but jump in DBastards channel in game and give a shout, or check out our forums at http://www.pvp101.net/BB/index.php

    • Thanks for dropping by and suggesting your corp.
      Seeing as your recruitment is on hold, I’ve gone ahead and joined the Stay Frosty club.

      Who knows we might bump in to each other ou there ? πŸ™‚

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