5 comments on “Finding a place in New Eden

  1. looks like your style is quite similar to mine. I’ve been lone wolf since I started EvE so here are few very important tips on how very fast and easy you can gank solo:
    1. Get second alt asap and train scan/cloaky/tackle.
    2. Train main for DPS

    You can do this in more than few ways, but here are my suggestions:
    Minmatar way (for empire):
    1. Fly Rapier as initial tackle and scout ( it can speed tank and tackle from long range, but can’t tackle ships with MJD or 1 WCS)
    2. Fly Sleipnir to kill whatever your Rapier tackles (good dps/tank, but not cloaky)

    Gallente way (for wormholes):
    1. Fly cloaky tackle helios and then proteus for maximum tank. I don’t like arazu as it’s a pain to scan without bonuses if you look for targets.
    2. Fly main dps. Solo Cloaky proteus dishes out maximum dps with maximum tank. I used to kill solo BC. Loki can work fine, but you it might be hard to kill a BC hull (you will get tired of ganking transport ships and frigates).

    Best way: have scout to find targets and have few buddies ready to join once you do. You can do same with main/cloaky dps/tackle (T3).

    Ganking unsuspecting victims is the best. Killing something more expensive than frigate or a cruiser is also better.

  2. I added your blog to my watchlist. Your seeking of a place is interesting to follow. I, too, seek a place.

    I did bumble through many role concepts. In one instance, I was inside a WH waiting for a victim to jump through. A pilot jumped through, I attacked! Like a young lion attacking a deer, I fumbled the kill and the deer narrowly escaped. But what really surprised me was that I felt terrible for doing it.

    I like my Eve persona. I’m a Gallentian knight, so to speak. It surprised me that my needless kill attempt left me feeling guilty.

    Over time I’ve been developing a purpose for existence within the Eve world. I’m getting closer. Much closer.

    So, I’ll just watch how you get along. 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂

      Looks like we are in a somewhat similar place, both eager and willing to find out. Although I believe my characters motivation is less noble than yours. He’s eager for his first kill, but willing to work for it. Wait for it. Charice the moments up to it.

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