4 comments on “Standing at a crossroad. Where to?

  1. I have a lot of respect for what Rixx has done with Stay Frosty. I like the Stay Frosty ideal as well as what it actually is, day to day.

    With that said, don’t assume that every corp has the same level of drama as SF.

    It’s unfair – or not wholly accurate – to say “drama follows Rixx” in the same way it’s inaccurate to say “bees follow pollen-heavy flowers.” It’s true, but it’s not the whole story.

    Rixx generates the pollen that attracts the bees and, in my outsider’s opinion, he *needs* those same drama-bees to live.

    So… just saying… there may be a corp that’s right up your alley. I’d take a long look at corps like Suddenly Ninjas… if only for ideas to steal.

    • Thanks for the comment.

      Like I said as well, I respect what he has done / achieved. A lot of people would have gone to the other side of the map and started from there. He chose the next station. Respect for his resilience etc.

      I’m not that up to date about everything related to the bees and pollen. Just what I heard and read after the people being kicked.

      And yes, you’re right about the day to day attitude. That is a very accurate description of Stay Frosty.

      Thanks for the Suddenly Ninjas suggestion. Reading their recruitment post dating 2012 made me smile. Exactly what i’m refering to. And looking for. The real pirate low life attitude I guess.

      • Stay Frosty is not for everyone, nor do I think everyone will stay forever. What I do know is that I fully support any member who wants to challenge themselves, seek their own destiny or experience new things. I always have and I always will.

        We just had a member leave for Null the other day simply because he hadn’t tried it yet. I encouraged him to do so and feel free to return anytime he wants.

        As for “drama”, well that is everywhere. As you will discover as you continue playing Eve, it tends to follow you. The more you stick your head up out of the crowd and “make your mark” the more it will find you. In ten months we just went thru our very first round of drama, that ain’t bad at all. But it was destined to happen sooner or later. We survived and we move on.

        By the way, we’ve war decc’d corporations for individual players before. If that is something you really want to do, all you have to do is ask.

        But either way, I support everyone’s personal choice. That is, after all, what Stay Frosty is really all about.

      • You truy are a diplomat and a skilled leader that’s for sure.

        About the drama, I guess you are correct. You have to give me points though and agree it has been the issue of chat and what keeps you and the veterans occupied a lot lately.

        But then again, I don’t know the background and maybe I’d react the same if I was betrayed like that.

        I’m honest enough to realise my solo behavior makes me look like a little b**ch complaining about a corporation identity etc.

        I have some wacky ideas about low life pirate activities, maybe we can talk about it this weekend, and perhaps we can do something with it in Stay Frosty? I dunno, just thinking out loud.

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