6 comments on “Screw it all, I’m going EVEmental

  1. Reading your blog with interest, although I’m in Stay Frosty (as you know) I have no interest in T1 Frig combat, I much prefer the hunt and kill of bigger value ‘soft’ targets and don’t really have a desire to have my own ship explode – my kill board stats reflect that http://eve.battleclinic.com/killboard/combat_record.php?type=player&name=lacal

    Some might say Risk Averse, I would probably agree, but that is my chosen playstyle.

    I’m going to use some tags for sec status, tonight probably, to have a poke around hi sec – it’s been a while since I’ve been allowed in.

    I’m not seeing as many ‘big’ ships in lo sec now with all of the recent changes, the wars idea sounds interesting for the targets I want, so I’ll need to hook up with you on TS sometime

    • Thanks for the interest in my blog. Nice to know some people are reading my ramblings.

      Looking at your KB all I can say is ‘holy crap’ oO .. 98.7 % efficiency … that is just jawdropping. And in my opinion that’s what any good pirate does. Low risk -> high rewards kind of stuff. And like you I much prefer the actual searching and hunting for a kill. The current t1 frigate stuff going on reminds me of Call of Duty, and I’m no fan of that.

      Just out of curiousity and learning, I’m guessing the second participant in your killmails is a second (tackle) account of yours? Do you also combat scan mission runners with it?

      Looking forward to seeing you ingame or TS in the future. I think I can learn a lot from your playstyle.

      • I run 3 accounts – 1 link booster/scanning alt, the other toon who you see on the km’s and my main.

        Prior to all the warp speed changes and the proliferation of frigates in lo sec, the ‘other toon’ would just sit cloaked at a gate for an extra set of eyes, see whats coming in etc. My main would fly a covert loki and tackle etc himself. This is back when FW pilots would run FW missions in stealth bombers and T3’s – I got quite good at snagging tengus! http://eve-search.com/thread/105257-1

        I’ve been using the cov ops for tackle since the warp speed changes when I switched to using a Battlecruiser on my main – it just isnt quick enough to get to a site/mission etc, land, target and point, so the cov ops just holds them til I get there.

        I’m unsure what tactics I’ll use in hi sec, but that’s the fun of switching things up a little and I miss my big isk killmails – I actually used to make a decent amount of isk from loot, not so much anymore!

  2. That was what I was wondering. If it’s possible to make decent profit from this sort of gameplay. Would suck if you had to do missions just to support it.

    Also the reason I’m not doing the solo corporation thing. 50m per wardec is a lot for fresh characters. Especially so if the targets can just disband and restart.

  3. Pssst – station trading on an alt, honestly it is not hard or time consuming, with a smattering of trade skills you can even use the same toon as you use for probing etc as you can modify/place orders while in space within the same region, 50mill is not a lot of isk at all and if Rixx is happy with us maintaining the odd war in hisec I’m happy to sprng the costs

    • As my RL job includes a lot of internal auditing, I try to stay away from columns and numbers while ingame :-).

      I’ll talk to Rixx this evening if he’s online. See if we can get this war thing going.

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