3 comments on “Abyssal Calm Filaments. What the serious fuck

  1. Apart from no missiles (been there done that) should have stuck to the Eve ship fit. The MWD, when running, would have made your tiny Caracal the size of a huge Battleship which is probably why the Drifter Tyrannos chewed you up – well that and you no longer had any thermal armor resists due to the Firestorm filament. HAMs are the way to go for DPS – the Photic Overmind in the second room is super tanky and there is always a chance there would have been another in the third room. Aim for 6 mins max in each room. If you can loot all, cool but more often than not you can’t.
    The Abyss is never the same. The enemy change, the rooms change. And the Leshak is nasty, you have to get within 15k’s to get under its huge Entropic Disintergrator. I always have to overheat the SB and AB for this guy. If you use the Caracal fit again, use a 10NM AB, angle into the BS’s and get under their guns. Oh and the Vexor or Rupture aren’t much better against the Drone, Drifter and Triglavian BS’s. Looting is secondary. Getting out with your ship is the objective.
    Welcome to the Abyss.

  2. Thanks for the help. I figured the MWD mistake out the moment I landed in the room. That coupled with the bonus to scan resolution due to the exotic filament. I was a sitting fat duck. I figured speed was important because of the 20 minute limit.

    It’s very unpredictable that’s for sure. I’m going to try oit the rupture fit next time. Costly hobby, running abyssal stuff ;)).

  3. Test first – Jump onto Singularity – really easy these days, it is at the bottom right of the launcher. Go to a seeded station – buy Abyssal Filament Crates – buy all 4 racial ships and fit them as per the Eve site suggestions. Crack open the crates and fly. It will only take an hour or so to get up and running with shipfit and multibuy. Seriously, this will save you a huge amount of isk in the long run. Your mistakes won’t cost.
    For what it is worth I am just starting to figure out which ships are best with each filament and nearly lost a Vexor yesterday. Abyssal is hard which is why I like it. You could always bling a Gila, but I have a feeling the enemy AI responds to the ship fit – I need to test that. Just beware about the loot, I think it is a bit over exaggerated in the test server.
    Fly Safe,

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